Monthly Archives: February 2013

Waiting for Spring

It sneaks up on me every year: that day when I realize that winter has lost its grip and the early dawn of spring is on the horizon. The morning can be bitterly cold, and the snow fresh and deep but I’m overwhelmed with a sudden awareness that the season has turned. It’s a wonderful feeling of renewal and optimism that catches my breath every year. It’s a darn good thing that moment is so powerful because it has to last me through the remainder of what is typically 10 weeks of wet gray ground and sky.

The long wait for spring has begun, and thus begins the long wait for Mya. The training schedule has been expanded a bit and our current plan is for her to be ready mid-April.

It feels very much like the third trimester before my eldest son, Tyler, was born. Cathy and I had read all the books, browsed every forum, obsessively considered the best stroller, bought enough diapers and supplies to last us through college, painted the baby room, assembled the crib, and baby-proofed the house. There was nothing more to be done except wait. And wait. And wait, while my wife’s belly grew increasingly absurd.

And so it was last night when I sat down to finish reading The Other End of the Leash┬áby Patricia McConnel that I realized I am done preparing. I cannot read another single chapter much less an entire book about dogs. My shopping cart on Amazon is full and ready to order with all the doggie supplies I will need. I have read every forum and blog on the subject of dogs and service dogs. There is nothing more to be done except wait. I’ll be posting a lot less frequently as I patiently wait for Mya’s arrival at which point, I think it is safe to say, I will have a LOT to talk about and will be blogging with regularity.

In the meantime check out this blog I found by Jane who writes about training her poodle, Myra, to be a service dog in Canada.